Aladar Marburger and Friends: The South Hamptom Suite

Aladar Marburger


Aladar Sitting for Elaine DeKooning

Aladar, Barbara Schwartz and Elaine

Elaine and Aladar

Elaine DeKooning

Connie Fox, Aladar, Elaine and Barbara

Aladar with Friends

Henry Geldzalher

Henry and Billy

Copy Berg, Henry, Billy, and Aladar 

Aladar, Billy, and Henry

Painter Barbara Schwartz

 Aladar on steps with friends

Painter Jane Freilecher

Aladar and Jane

Jane in her studio

Harriet Peters, her husband Esteban Vicente, Aladar

Painter Esteban Vicente


Esteban in his Studio

Painter Connie Fox and husband sculptor Bill King

Bill King

Connie and Bill

Aladar and friend


Unknown painter with Aladar

Copy Berg and Paul Nash

Copy, Aladar and unknown man

Unknown Girl

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